Raising Wilshire's Grandparents

Blogoir about caregiving for Asian American immigrant parents


My name is Sirinya Matute. I am a full-time working mother from Santa Monica, Calif. and caregiver for my parents and neighborfriends.

About the blog

This blogoir follows my journey into caregiving for my mother and father. I am Thai-Chinese American, and motivated by concepts of filial piety and being in solidarity with my sister. Topics I’d like to cover include

  • Parenting and Caregiving
  • Dealing with Health Care System Bureaucratic Obstacles (read: Kaiser)
  • Making our mobility system work well for families with children as well as my elderly neighbors

About my parents

They’re immigrants from Thailand. My mom is delightful. My father is a gambling addict with chronic medical issues. This blog’s focus is shifting to my journey navigating resources to help both of them thrive.