Raising Wilshire's Grandparents

Blogoir about caregiving for Asian American immigrant parents

The Journey Begins

Wilshire / Sirinya on Big Blue Bus
Together on the bus

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve decided to call it Raising Wilshire.

My hope is to start first with writing about my experience as a working mother raising a family in an urban setting, and to go from there. I am also  looking forward to writing about topics like child care (why it’s so hard to find and expensive), school choice, and raising a son to be kind, respectful of women, and emphatic.

And finally, I’m sure I will write about Santa Monica, where I live. I grew up in Los Angeles (just north of Koreatown and then in Van Nuys), but have lived in Santa Monica since 2009. Santa Monica is special. Nowhere else in LA could we live in an urban place with excellent weather (it’s rarely over 75 and humid in Santa Monica), excellent transit infrastructure, and outstanding public schools. We also have a very vocal and attentive electorate.

But why care about Santa Monica (besides poking fun at it?) My friend Frank Gruber likes to write about Santa Monica because he says that all politics are local – and what happens in Santa Monica can be a useful case study in understanding the underpinnings of municipal-level governance nationwide.

I am sure that this journey will lead me places I never expected. Thanks for reading!

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