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East Coast Adventure 2018: Wrap Up

Through this trip, we were able to check off a lot of things on our bucket list. They included visiting Toronto and seeing my CTY friends in New York. Overall, we had a wonderful trip and are looking forward to traveling with our son again soon.

There were two other things I think that we did well.

The first was to select a vacation seltzer. To make very clear to us that we are on vacation, we like to pick out something to drink that is different. We found cherry pomegrante spritzer water at Wegman’s, which was delicious. Bill and Kathy Neumire, my friends from Syracuse, also introduced us to hard seltzer, and it is changing my life. (We liked the White Claw they turned us onto.)

The second was to let go of notions of regular naps. When we arrived in Toronto, it was at 9pm at night – and Wilshire was eager to stay up to see all of the cars when we got to our friends Tremor and Julia’s 34th story apartment. Naps went to hell. I wish I had let go of the idea that we needed to allow more time for Will’s afternoon naps because then maybe we would’ve spent more time with my CTY friends who live outside of Rochester, which was only about a 90 minute drive from Niagara Falls. As it was, we only saw them for an hour and it truly wasn’t long enough.

Why was it worth it? For us, it was. Traveling like this was an incredible opportunity to get to know Wilshire better, as we work full-time. We loved introducing him to our extended family in the DC area. I really appreciated the opportunity to do lots of problem-solving with my husband. He and I are truly a good team. We were able to introduce our son to many new places, cultures, people, activities, and foods. And finally, we got to do things together as a family that we can’t do very easily here in Los Angeles, like strawberry picking.

Now we’re already thinking about the next trip. More to come!

Until next time,

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