Meet the blogger and her son

About Us

Our names are Sirinya and Juan Matute. We are a one-car household with full-time jobs raising our family in Santa Monica, Calif. Santa Monica is about 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

About the blog

SThis is my personal blog where I want to share the topics which excite me, and can hopefully inspire you:

  • Parenting;
  • Raising children in the city with only one car;
  • Road Safety, particularly how the framework of Vision Zero can unify stakeholders and decisionmakers to accelerate the completion of projects and an ideological shift which declares that no loss of life is acceptable;
  • Making our mobility system work well for families with children as well as my elderly neighbors;
  • Inject a muchneeded personal narrative from a working parent, and a family of color, into broader discussions about transportation, land use, and housing policy and planning around Los Angeles and nationally.

Hopefully, some of what I have to say will resonate with you as a fellow parent, urbanite, feminist, and/or friend and colleague of mine.

About our son

He goes by his middle name, Wilshire. I call him Will for short. Wilshire is named in honor of the Purple Line Extension; the Wilshire Bus Only Lane project; Sir Gaylord Wilshire; Wilshire Boulevard (the densest corridor west of the Mississippi); and for his late great-grandfather Wilfred, who worked for the City of Inglewood. Wilshire is a toddler who presently loves trains.

Outside of the blog

Sirinya works in communications at a small transit agency. She also serves on the board of the Westside Urban Forum, a nonprofit which facilitates meaningful conversations on land use and livability on the Westside through our monthly breakfasts. Her idea of a good time is to watch Santa Monica City Council meetings on YouTube Live with friends.

Juan is a transportation planning and policy researcher at a local university. He also serves on the board of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc., which is the non-profit which manages the economic vitality of the downtown and 3rd Street Promenade, one of the world’s most prominent vacation destinations. Juan enjoys running, reading, and spending time with his wife and family.